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Clovate Brightening Cream 50g




Clovate Brightening Cream is a fast-acting skin rejuvenating and brightening cream that helps clear out discolored areas of skin and gives it an even tone.

 Skin Concern

Acne Spots
Dark Patches
Uneven Skin Tone

 Used on

Face weary and faded traces with acne spots and dark patches

 Skin Type 

Normal Skin
Dry Skin

 How it Works 
Alpha arbutin helps reduce dark spots on the face and body, diminishes the intensity of acne scars, and helps to maintain an even skin tone.
Clove oil its anti-aging properties reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The Clovate Brightening Cream is a fast-acting toner for the face and dark skin remover. It contains alpha-arbutin and clove oil that nourishes and nurtures skin to give it improved clarity and radiance. The anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients soothe irritated and damaged skin and restore skin texture and composition.

 Key Highlights 

• Good for : Dark patches/ Acne spots
• Use on : Face/ Body
• Helps even out skin tone
• Refreshing gel formula
• Arbutin complex brings radiance to the skin
• Suitable for : Normal/ Dry skin

 Key Ingredients 

Clove Oil, Alpha Arbutin


• Apply a thin layer of Clovate Brightening Cream to clean, dry skin
• Target dark spots and patches
• Preferably apply at night
• Follow up with minimum SPF-30 sunscreen protection daily