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Carotis 7 Days Lightening Cream with vitamin A 300ML

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Carotis Lightening Cream with Vitamin A is a 7-day formula brightening cream that infuses into the skin and fades out spots and blemishes, giving you soft, supple skin with an even tone and a natural shine.

 Used on 

Face with hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and suntan, with dry and dirt traces and needing for antioxidants and rebuilding.

 Skin Concern

Dark Discolored Areas

 Skin Type 

Oily Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin
Normal Skin

 How it Works 
It contains vitamin A for skin protection and is a safe brightening agent that works by acting on the enzymes that play a vital role in the production of melanin pigment.
Carrot oil, another ingredient in this skin-lightening cream, is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals. These skin-nourishing agents nourish the skin, keep it in optimal health, and rejuvenate it to its brilliant best.
Carotis Lightening Cream with Vitamin A is a natural skin-lightening formula that is loaded with the goodness of carrot oil and vitamin A, which act deftly on the skin to soften it, even its tone, and rebuild it to give you healthy, soft skin with a radiant glow. Containing antioxidants, alpha arbutin, and vitamins galore, this body lotion will give you a turnaround in just 7 days!

 Key Highlights 

• Good for Suntan/ Blemishes/ Hyperpigmentation
• Use on Knees/ Armpits/ Heels/ Elbows
• Helps regenerate skin
• Contains carrot oil and Vitamin A
• Helps fade dark and discolored areas
• Suitable for Combination/ Dry /Oily /Normal skin
• Helps even out skin tone
• Natural ingredients
• Cruelty-free
• Safe for skin
• Non-GMO
• Result in 7 days


• Cleanse your skin
• Apply a thin layer of Carotis Lightening Cream
• Preferably apply at night
• Follow up with SPF-30 sunscreen